About Me

The memory that I have as a child

and that I have always carried with me: Me singing … always and everywhere …
Since I was a little girl
I was born in Germany in 1975 and I am Sicilian with deep German roots.
I grew up in Mannheim and had all the luck I could have as a child: a band!

I was the leader of the school band

singing all the time that it was possible and I soon found out that singing was my only love.

I was the lead singer of the school band and I knew as a child that singing was my way.

The experience at the tour operator village

In 1997 I worked as an interpreter for a famous Tour Operator and I discover by doing animation too how much charge I have to be on stage…
I sang and sang again and every time my heart was beating… the same heartbeat that I still have now when I get on stage.

Years of experience

It’s been 25 years now …
I’ve been to the Sanremo Academy and gained a lot of experience:
I’ve sung in squares, hotels, clubs and on every kind of parties and my mission is always the same:
to excite and entertain.
I’ve seen love stories born while I was singing, attended weddings with my music and rejoiced at parties for the great mood that I’ve created every time.

I have been doing this beautiful job for 25 years

Singing for me is truly therapeutic:
it is pure soul; I therefore put a lot of passion and dedication into my job.
Over the years I ‘ve had various experiences ranging in this way in different genres.

I love foreign music very much

for which I am very gifted but obviously also Italian music.
The genres are lounge and chill music, commercial and everything which has an connection to my soul.
My special attitude is to make people dancing. 50s/60s, ballroom dancing, 70s-80s,
pop rock and all the charts music and of the past, Latin songs like salsa , merengue, bachata and soul and bossa nova.
However, I really care about adapting the choice of my songs to the evening and to the people who are joining my company.

It’s not only about singing but entertaining people.

In the various experiences that I have,
I have also thought of dedicating myself to the bride and groom and not only to concerts:
in fact, you can find my profile on Matrimonio.com where you can read my services and the reviews I have received.
Every year (for almost 20 years)
I organize a charity concert to raise funds involving other musician and singer friends.
I love themed shows dedicated to some singers …
but I will tell you about this soon in my blog …

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